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Friday, October 25, 2019

Will Climate Change Fail the Last Painful Challenge?

Oct 25 · 4 min read

Who Will Win the Quantum Wars?

When will the Massive Crushing Event Take Place?

Let’s go back 250 years

Let's Go To Mexico — Must be Time for a Vacation

Yucatan Peninsula Image from Google Maps
Yucatan Peninsula Image from Google Maps

Illustration of the Asteroid Smashing into the Yucatan Peninsula
Illustration of the Asteroid Slamming into the Yucatan Peninsula 66 Million Years Ago NASA/REUTERS
In the Age of Dinosaurs, Giant Birds Walked and Maybe Flew Above the Earth

The above two images courtesy of The Atlantic Magazine Science Section
The worst day in earth’s history was a while back — like 66 million years back!
The Yucatan Peninsula was the location.
The doer of the dirty dead was an asteroid of the size of Manhattan. It slammed into the peninsula and drilled a whole 20 miles into the planet’s surface.
“It vaporized bedrock and spewed in halfway to the moon.”
“The earth shuddered with a magnitude of 12 earthquakes.”
Tsunamis raced across the Gulf of Mexico.
“Some ejected debris condensed in orbit and plunged back to Earth as searing sphere of molten glass, which torched the land and turned the forests into firestorms.”
“Other debris remained high in space, where it blocked the sun’s rays and began to chill the surface of the planet.”
The major problem today is that the acidification of the oceans is happening again. This brought on the mass extinction of the previous era.

Image of Dead Fish due to Mass Extinction Caused by Acidification of the Oceans
Mass Extinction of Fish due to Acidification of the Oceans from nitric oxide and sulfuric acid (Nasty stuff!)

Image the sky raining rocks, brimstone, and acid.
“The air would have reeked of acrid smog and burnt matches.”

This is what Climate Change Looks Like

This is what Climate Change Looks Like.
The power company in California turns off all the power in areas of fire for fear they (the State of CA) will charge the expense to them.

This is one reason there is Climate Change.
Look no further for one reason for Climate Change
Writers are not to leave the audience with a sour taste in the mouth.
However, there is no time left.

The graph of Carbon Dioxide
Look at how the Carbon Dioxide Level has Climbed since 1950!

GRACE Credit NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Right-click the above screen capture and select “Open in New Window” and you will see the real-time levels of air quality throughout the world.
This map is Courtesy of Click here for the link. You will be able to select areas of interest to you.


Water and air and forests and animals

What to do?
Written by Craig Martineau

I also have publications on Medium. Finite Wisdom looks at the things we are learning. An example is the articles that have appeared in recent days regarding the new Age in Computing — Quantum Computers. We, there is another writer on-board @Miriam Diaz-Gilbert. I am sure she would appreciate lots of claps when her first article comes out. There is no set date.

There is an excellent post by @Favio Vázquez. I recommend that you peruse them since you will be living with them in the next few years.
The Atlantic has an article here that discusses the battle between Google who claims Quantum Supremacy by showing that its quantum computer “Sycamore” calculated in 200 seconds what would take a first-class supercomputer 10,000 years to do.
IBM shot back that it was impossible. The supercomputer that Google used for comparison (the 10,000-year number) is IBM’s.
It fills two basketball-sized court size gyms at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. IBM said that “Summit” its supercomputer can perform that calculation in 2 1/2 days.
One issue with the quantum machines is they are very error-prone. Special formulas have to be written to catch and correct the errors.
That is still a sizeable advancement. But stay tuned for the “Quantum Wars” brought to you be super wealthy companies.
This is one war that will mean big bucks to the winner.
It would appear that the Age of the Computer is at an end. Long live the Quantum Computer with its qubits instead of bits.

Sundar Pichai CEO of Google standing next to Google’s Quantum Computer
Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO standing next to their quantum computer.
Image of a book cover “Die in the Antropocene Era
Enjoy some light bedtime stories?

Finite Wisdom

Join in for discussions on artificial intelligence, machine learning, neural networks, deep learning, augmented reality and all the software applications that are starting to control our lives. is trying to keep humans in charge of machines. Will it work?


Retired. I write 4 blogs, Medium & publish Finite Wisdom & Centering Yourself. These are the beginnings for beginners. Nothing deep or technical. Join us!

Finite Wisdom

Finite Wisdom

Join in for discussions on artificial intelligence, machine learning, neural networks, deep learning, augmented reality and all the software applications that are starting to control our lives. is trying to keep humans in charge of machines. Will it work?

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