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A Stay on the Duluth Lakefront (Almost)

A Stay on the Duluth Lakefront (Almost)Date January 16, 2018
It has been my good fortune to spend five days at a 4-Star Bed and Breakfast in Duluth!

Great Staff! Great Food! Great Results! 
OK. I will stop with the games!

My stay has been at St Mary's Medical Center. 

It seems that the older I get the more I frequent this Duluth Landmark. 
I do not mean any slap in the face to St Luke's since I have not had the good fortune to visit their accommodations.

I know several doctors in that establishment and I used to donate blood in an office there. 

I know the staff is excellent I just can't speak to any other  evaluation categories. 
So what do I base my evaluation of a hospital on? 

I will share my judgments if you don't mind.
First I look to the staff.

A well-trained staff will not be regimented.

Their personalities show thru the corporate mask of 'must does and do nots' in other words they can toe the corporate line without being stiff and regimented. 

They are given the op…